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Japanese super car R35 GT-R.
The original spring rate for FR=130N/mm and RR=90N/mm is good for mad on motorway.
But if you have different dreaming on R35 GT-R, unfortunately your dream will be disappeared.
Because the original setting is much stiffer ride than 997 GT-3 due to Denloc Tyre and AWD arrow to heavy hub-carear.
1 corner hub-carear including 6-pod brake system and wheel/tyre is more than 80kgf.
Therefore the friction of Shock Absorber is affecting to the ride, but spring rate is
much effecting, so might be FR=95N/mm RR=50N/mm.
AWD (all wheel drive) arrow to good stability at over 200km/hour speed even
such as softer spring rate as well.


The original spring rate is well tested by NISSAN who has tested up to 300km/h
speed at Dubai. However it might be stiffer spring rate, if your dreaming is clubman
racer. QRS Super Sport setting is FR=180N/mm, RR=160N/mm.
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